Thursday 15 January 2015

Article: In Memoriam

Brad Aaron from Streetsblog NYC put together a list of all 128 pedestrians and cyclists killed in incidents with motor vehicles during 2013. The work done by organisations and websites behind these lists and stories can force change. Indeed, 2013 was the year this issue finally broke through in New York:

"This was the year, however, when mothers and fathers, along with friends and neighbors, said “No more.” Backed by StreetsPAC and Transportation Alternatives, New Yorkers raised the profile of vehicular violence such that city and state politicians ignore it at their peril. As a direct result of their efforts, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio pledged to work toward dramatically reducing injuries and deaths caused by drivers, and Bill Bratton, de Blasio’s pick to succeed the indifferent Ray Kelly, has indicated his NYPD will take Vision Zero seriously."

Link: Streetsblog NYC: In Memoriam

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