Thursday 15 January 2015

Article: Why bikers should live by the same laws as everyone else

Ben Adler argues that cyclists shouldn't get relaxed road rule exemptions like being allowed to proceed through intersections when safe. Instead more discretion in enforcement is needed:

"Pedestrians cannot legally jaywalk, and responsible parents still teach their kids not to. Of course people do, and they rarely get ticketed. And that provides a good model for bikes. Idaho stops, like jaywalking, should not be legalized; they should be winked at, with the law going unenforced except in truly egregious cases. But officially allowing bikes to steal a pedestrian’s right-of-way would go too far. It might encourage even worse behavior: If most people, using any mode of transportation, will tend to go a little further than the law allows, looser laws would make cyclists more inclined than they are already to blow through reds without stopping and through stop signs without slowing down."

Link: Grist: Why bikers should live by the same laws as everyone else

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