Thursday 15 January 2015

Opinion: Enough about the bikes, bikes, bikes

Joe Wos argues that Pittsburgh has bigger transportation issues to solve than biking, and which are relevant to far more residents. Conversely, he claims cycling is of interest mainly to white elites. The counter-perspective in the second article is provided by Brentin Mock that biking isn't a useful way to deal with racism or privilege.

"The Bicyclists have become religious zealots in the first church of the perpetual Schwinn. They are firm believers that the path to salvation is via a bike lane leading through Downtown. They hail bikes as solving issues as diverse as traffic congestion, pollution and obesity. They make bold claims of bicycling cities having lower rates of diabetes and heart disease and a greater love of kittens. Rather than attempt to solve Downtown’s parking issues, narrow lanes, traffic and public transportation issues, they point to bikes as the great solution to Pittsburgh’s ills."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Enough about the bikes, bikes, bikes
> Grist: Please, people, stop using bikes to whitesplain privilege

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