Thursday 15 January 2015

Article: The power and pleasure of grids

Jarrett Walker explains that a big key to efficient, convenient, equitable transport access is a grid system:

"Suppose you're designing an ideal transit system for a fairly dense city where there are many activity centers, not just one big want people to be able to travel from literally anywhere to anywhere else by a reasonably direct path, at a high frequency. Well, you already know that to serve a two-dimensional city with one-dimensional transit lines, your system has to be built on connections, and for that you need high frequencies.  Frequency is expensive, so it follows that you need to minimize the total route distance so that you can maximize the frequency on each.  That means you can't afford to have routes overlapping each other. Play with this problem yourself, but it turns out that the answer is a grid."

Link: Human Transit: The power and pleasure of grids

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